Al Sharpton calls on Biden to fight the filibuster: ‘If we can’t depend on you here, when can we?’

Al Sharpton wearing a suit and tie: Photograph: Erik Pendzich/Rex/Shutterstock© Provided by The Guardian Photograph: Erik Pendzich/Rex/Shutterstock

Earlier this summer, Al Sharpton traveled to Philadelphia to attend Joe Biden’s speech on voting rights. After delivering his remarks – a ringing call to arms against the march of restrictive election laws – the US president asked the veteran Black civil rights leader what he thought.

“If the African American voters feel that there was not an aggressive fight and there’s low turnout, [Democrats] can easily lose the Senate and the House and Joe Biden will be an early lame duck,” Sharpton said. “They will be totally neutered if they don’t do something about this.”

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