Wake Up With WURD 10.4.23 - Yvonne Blake is the owner of Hakim’s Bookstore.

Hakim’s Bookstore, the city’s oldest African American bookstore, receives state marker after 64 years in business

WURD Radio · Wake Up With WURD 10.4.23 - Yvonne Blake

In 1959, a young, bookish accountant named Dawud Abdel Hakim started doing something highly 
unpopular: selling books about African American history written by African Americans — first from 
the trunk of his car and later from his namesake store on S. 52nd St. in West Philadelphia.

During a time when the Black Power movement was gaining adherents and then-FBI Director 
J. Edgar Hoover was issuing memos saying that bookstores such as Hakim’s were “outlets for revolutionary and hate publications and culture centers for extremism,” Hakim was focused on his mission: to ensure that African Americans knew they had a rich history that predated slavery.

Last Saturday, over six decades after the store’s launch, a state historic marker was unveiled before a group of about 100 friends, customers, and family members who braved a cold rain to pay tribute to the man who nurtured generations of budding intellectuals, scholars, booksellers, 
and civil rights activists. Read more here:

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