Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How come Head Start is always on the chopping block?

In the ongoing budget battle between Democrats and Republicans over which programs to cut, Head Start, the popular preschool program serving nearly a million lower income children, have come under attack from Congressional Republicans. In the Senate, Republicans voted for a $2 billion dollar cut to President Obama's proposed 2011 Head Start budget of $8.2 billion dollars. That GOP budget plan failed in the Senate, but President Obama scolded them last week at a press conference, saying that Congress shouldn't try to find budget savings in Head Start, because "that's not where the money is".

But the bigger question is: In a world where millionaires are getting billions in tax cuts, why are Republicans going after funding for poor children in the name of fiscal responsibility? In a budget filled with subsidies to farmers, defense contracts for weapons the military doesn't want and need, why go after the children? To understand their motivation, you have to go back to their conservative view of government and how it doesn't include empowering the poor, even if they're children.

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