Monday, August 29, 2011

Bill's Acting for the 21st Century Class

If you were trying to remember not to forget, then don't!

Just five days before the 15% discount offer is no longer available for Bill's Acting for the 21st Century Class.

(Right now we have four amazingly brilliant and wonderful participants "enrolled" , and we need six, two more, to make it worthwhile for everyone.)

Mondays from September 12 through December 5, 6:30PM– 8:30PM, $360

Modest Financial Assistance is available for those in need.


Explore the techniques and vocabulary essential to understanding the craft of creating a 21st century performance. This introductory course to the art of acting/performance is taught through theatre games, physical play, scene study and collective exploration. The class is open to those who wish to hone their skills, as well as beginners who are curious about performing. Learn by doing--with emphasis upon movement, physical manipulation, and the use of voice in the development of characterization and dramatic gesture, with an in-class final performance. Rehearsal outside of class time is required.

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