Friday, August 31, 2012

field negro: Women of color in a strange place.

 I want to talk about three women of color with this post. Two of them lean right politically, and I am not too sure about the other one.

Two of them gave speeches at the republican convention last night, the other one also made news, but not in the way she wanted to.

I will talk about Condi first, because I think she has the most stature of the three. Condi stood in front of a room full of republicans last night and declared to us all what a great country America was. She said it was great because as a child of Jim Crow era Alabama, she never expected to become Secretary of State one day.

The theme of her speech was that anyone can make it in America, and that America opens her arms to all who will come if they are willing to work hard and buy into American ideals. She said it all to rousing applause and standing ovations from the the very white,very conservative crowd.

The problem is, of course, that Condi's party has been actively -- and not so secretly--- planning to suppress the vote of poor people and people of color because they believe that if those people vote they will not get the result that they like. If this sounds a lot like the poll taxes from Condi's Jim Crow days it's because it is.
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