Sunday, June 30, 2013

Outgoing Allen High principal gives departing lesson

By Nicole Radzievich" and Adam Clark, Of The Morning Call
Shannon Mayfield says departure is over "relationship issue," says he has to be respected.
5:33 p.m. EDT, June 30, 2013

Outgoing Allen High School Principal Shannon Mayfield recalls his 6-foot-2 father's stern message: Don't make a mockery out of your blessings. Don't "mess" over anybody. But don't let anybody "mess" over you either.

Mayfield repeated that advice to a crowded Resurrected Life Community Church in downtown Allentown Sunday in his first public speech since announcing his departure last week.
During a service punctuated by songs, skits and Gospel, Mayfield urged churchgoers — especially the younger ones — to continue with school and "get out of Allentown" to learn something more about the world before returning to make it better. Keep pushing forward, he said.
But he laid out three things not negotiable in that journey: respect, integrity and faith.

They are qualities the popular principal hinted were at the root of his decision to leave his post after just one year at the helm of the district's flagship school.

"As a principal, I have to respect but be respected as well," he said in an interview following the service.
He declined to explain exactly why he is leaving because he hasn't spoken to the district about it yet. But he said the reason had nothing to do with money but involved "relationship issues" with district officials. He said certain officials had discussions about him when he was not present. He said he would have preferred a more "collaborative" and "collegial" approach.
Mayfield declined to use the word "resign" to describe his departure, saying he prefers the word "vacate."

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