Tuesday, September 2, 2014

field negro: The real 'takers' in America.

Today is Labor Day in America, so I feel a need to talk about hard work and the affect it has had on us all.
Of course we can't talk about labor in America without acknowledging the black Mandingo in the room. 
Slavery has been around since 1619, and it officially lasted until 1865, which is eight months or so after the Civil War ended.

The thing is, even after slavery officially ended, there was still "Negro involuntary servitude" which persisted until 1940.

So anyway, America, thanks to the free labor of the Negro, has thrived as a nation, and quite a few Americans became very wealthy as a result. It's no secret that the wealth many white Americans enjoy today is a direct result of slavery. Read more here field negro: The real 'takers' in America.

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