Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pan-Africanist Scholar Ali Mazrui Dies at 81;

  • Pan-Africanist Scholar Ali Mazrui Dies at 81; Watch 2009 Democracy Now! Interview on Obama ElectionAli-mazrui_3


Iman Trek said...

How much does Democracy Now pay you to advertise their videos??? Where was the post about Dr Umar Johnson coming to your hometown June 25 this year??? Does he need to promote the death of black babies like Planned Parenthood, and Margaret sanger to reach your radar???

Lehigh Valley Black News Network said...

Democracy Now does not pay us a dime. We like some of their news post. We never got a request to post about Dr. Umar.

Black Babies Deaths? Give me a few hours, I'll post the email exchange we had about this same question you asked me a few months ago.

Iman Trek said...

go right ahead sir.

Iman Trek said...

Why should you need a request to post about Dt. Umar Johnson??? Why would you even expect ad payment for FREE BLOGGER??"The Prince Of Pan-Africanism??? Born
in philly?? Really??? So if Mr Ali spoke in Allentown for the Caring Center before his untimely death would you HAVE ignore THAT??? or would Planned Parenthood, Steelstacks or Democracy Now need to be behind it.

oh, I'm waiting on that email dialogue too. It will just prove my point even more.

Lehigh Valley Black News Network said...

This was the last email you sent us:

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From: iman trek
Date: Fri, August 01, 2014 11:48 pm

Thanks for quick reply man. First off, congrats on getting paid ad placement, and I honestly didn't know that Naacp was paying for ads/posts. It Seems that the Lehigh Valley Black News Network have grown from the time you posted brother James Straite Do Wop Show flyer a couple years back (@Scottish Rites Hall). I was under the impression that you were searching the local events, and posting what stuck out to you. For that I apologize and stand corrected on mixing issues.

Secondly, I actually did speak with Dan on the phone the day after the Umar Johnson event in Allentown(June 25 2014), and asks him the same thing as I did you via email. He like yourself, never heard of Dr Umar or the event, and he also knew nothing about the radio interview including two sisters from Naacp. I stated my concerns about bringing a correctional officer as opposed to Dr. Umar, and striking similarities to the talking points of the Naacp 2014 Dinner. I gave him the link to the audio of the Dr Umar speech, and thanked him for his time.

You are spot on in respect to the charter school hustle, which I also learned of that the night of the Umar event. If you watch the video he breaks it down. His school will be an all black boys school teaching empwerment and entreprenuership as opposed to just getting a job from corporate America. I wont bore you with the details, but Umar is concerned about helping our youth NOT just gaining political power (like other chatrter schools you spoke of).

In closing, I will take your advice about writing an editorial on this situation, and will use due diligence in my research. Keep doing what you do brother, and thanks again for your knowledge.



Lehigh Valley Black News Network said...

So I'm not clear of what you are getting at? Your contradicting yourself

Lehigh Valley Black News Network said...

Ali Mazrui was Born in Mombasa in 1933, Mazrui studied in Manchester, New York, and Oxford before becoming a professor at Makerere University in Uganda. I guess you did not read the article? Philly? Where did you get that from?