Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Candidate for Pa. Attorney General Uses Footage of Black Misery to Win Votes

In the race for state attorney general, Stephen Zappala audaciously used footage of Sandra Bland being arrested, Walter Scott being shot to death and Janay Rice lying unconscious in an elevator to promote his campaign.

Posted: April 25 2016 4:42 PM

You have to give them credit. After some initial stumbling last summer, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have upped their pandering game for black votes to epic levels.

While secret stashes of hot sauce in the purse may seem over-the-top, black voters have come to expect white Democrats to do a certain amount of catering to them around election time. However, the expectation is that there’s some actual policy on the table to help black people amid all the dabbing, black-celebrity endorsements and barbershop visits.

Apparently that memo didn’t make it to one Democrat running in the Pennsylvania primary on Tuesday. Stephen Zappala, a candidate for attorney general in Pennsylvania, has presented a new low in pandering, hypocrisy and outright lying for black votes. He’s discovered the Black Lives Matter “shortcut” for electoral success, and whether it works this year or not, it’s clear he won’t be the last one to try it.  Read more here.

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