Thursday, October 25, 2018

Albright Spancake Lecture explores racial speech in politics

Albright Spancake Lecture explores racial speech in politics Dr. Daniel Q. Gillion says speaking about racial inequality in a liberal tone but passing restrictive conservative policies is cheap talk.


Liberals and conservatives view conversations about race differently, said Dr. Daniel Q. Gillion, author and associate professor of political science for the University of Pennsylvania.

Gillion spoke Wednesday afternoon to some 75 students at Albright College's Spancake Lecture on Political Discourse in America.

Conservatives say the dialogue on race was good in the 1960s and we got the Civil Rights Act so we no longer need to talk about race. Instead, we should move to a post-racial society, he said.

Liberals are also moving away from talking about race in a bid to broaden the base of the Democratic Party by appealing to everyone, he said.

"I tend to push back on both of these perspectives," Gillion said. "I believe an open, honest dialogue on race is important, especially for politicians."

It is important for politicians to understand what is happening in minority communities, he said. Read More here:

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