Sunday, October 6, 2019

Pa. out front: How the argument over reparations is moving into state capitols

By John L. Micek Friday October 4, 2019

We first reported back in June that state Rep. Chris Rabb was drafting legislation that would both provide reparations for descendants of African slaves and provide some redress for the ensuing centuries of institutional racism.

And while Rabb, a Philadelphia Democrat, has begun seeking co-sponsors for his legislation, and researching the best way to go about reparations, he’s found himself a part of a larger national conversation about America’s original sin. And it’s one that is moving from Washington D.C. to state capitols across the country,

As our colleagues at report this week, lawmakers in four states, California, Texas, New York, and Vermont, have each introduced separate reparations proposals. Each are states that outlawed slavery after the Civil War — or never allowed it in the first place.

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