Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why pro hockey needs racial sensitivity training

Hockey is coming to Allentown PA, (if the political / financial development smoke clears and the new arena is built). But, will Black folks and Latinos in the Lehigh Valley rush to buy tickets? Not sure if they gauge the attendance stats of non-whites at Flyers games but the last one I went to (Youth Trip) there were about 5 non-whites that I saw, and they were all with our group.

Recent National debate has focused on the racial issues surrounding the National Hockey League. 
A spectator threw a banana at Flyers forward Wayne Simmons during an overtime shootout attempt in Philadelphia’s preseason game against the Detroit Red Wings in Ontario and now shirts like this are appearing at recent Flyers games. What do you think?

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By Stefen Lovelace 9:08 AM on 05/03/2012

The NHL and Commissioner Gary Bettman would love it if all of the conversation around the league revolved around its superb playoffs.
America's clear fourth sport has had playoffs that have featured overtimes, exciting finishes, upsets, and plenty of drama.
Unfortunately, the drama hasn't stayed on the ice. While many of the media stories have revolved around the great games (and deservedly so), there's a major issue the NHL should be addressing.
The NHL and its fanbase may be developing a race problem.
This question of race comes on the heels of a recent photo taken at a Philadelphia Flyers/New Jersey Devils game. The Flyers have Wayne Simmonds, an African-American winger and one of the few black players in the league. Rather than support his team's player, a fan chose to wear Simmonds No. 17 jersey, with the last name "The Black Guy" on the back.

USA Today's Tom Weir reported the story, and did give the disclaimer that it's possible the jersey was photoshopped. But if it's not, this is just another instance of ignorant behavior shown by hockey fans this season. (continued)

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